Flame Sword

RabbitHole: The Future of Content Sharing...?

So about a month ago, I was discussing YouTube with some friends, and the topic came to the site's shortcomings, specifically the power imbalance between large and small creators. From there, one of us suggested making a competitor to YouTube, one that would be designed to fix said problems, and the idea for RabbitHole started there. As the conversation evolved, RabbitHole's design began to take shape, though there is still much to discuss.

The Reverse Algorithm

One of the first things to be discussed was the Reverse Algorithm, of my own design. YouTube's algorithm has the effect of boosting videos that are already popular, which is great for videos that were around when the algorithm was set up, but if you weren't already popular when the algorithm was implemented, you're kinda just out of luck, because there is not a chance in hell they'll recommend your video. A while back, though, I had a different idea, one I will refer to as the Reverse Algorithm. Under the Reverse Algorithm, a video's recommendation weight, how often it's recommended to people and how highly it is recommended, will decrease as it gains popularity.

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